Treasury and Contribution Services for 12-Step Groups.

Resolving uncertainty and vulnerability as treasurers navigate group financial transactions, disclosure requirements, and personal tax implications.

Homegroup.Online ensures treasurers’ security and automates electronic contributions, deposits, and disbursements; a platform for effective group accounting without the need to disclose Social Security Numbers.


HGOL accounts have access to these vendors:

Using the Treasurer’s Social Security Number exposes them personally and conflicts with the groups’ tradition of self-support.

Groups can protect their treasurer by using a recognized Central Office that serves the financial needs of 12-step groups nationwide.

  • Collect 7th Tradition Electronic contributions from multiple payment vendors:
        Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, PayPal®, Zelle®, Venmo®, and Debit/Credit Card.
  • Make Cash deposits with your personal CHASE® ATM card.
  • Pay anyone with CHASE® bank issued checks.
  • Receive a Mobile web landing page with electronic contribution links.
  • Easily transition when a new group treasurer is elected.

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