Group treasury made simple.

Homegroup.Online (HGOL) is a national Central Office, providing banking and other services to 12-step treasurers since 2018. Without disclosing your treasurer’s Social Security Number, HGOL’s one-account platform provides the following:

  • Collect 7th Tradition electronic contributions from multiple payment vendors:
        Debit/Credit Card, Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, PayPal®, Zelle®, and Venmo®.
  • Complete all banking, including cash deposits.
  • Pay anyone with CHASE® bank issued checks.
  • Receive a mobile web landing page with electronic contribution links.
  • Easily transition when a new group treasurer is elected.

HGOL is an e-commerce site, if you’ve ever bought anything online, you can easily use HGOL! As your group members contribute through 7th tradition, the account balance grows. You can make payments to anyone, such as program office contributions or reimbursement to individuals for service commitments.

Available to any 12-step group for an extremely low cost of less than one penny on the dollar on collected contributions. No other banking fees or processing fees, ever. For most groups, this amounts to $2 to $7 per month. Monthly opportunities are available to reduce the fee to zero, making our services FREE*! *Terms Apply 

HGOL – How we do it.