Donation versus Contribution

Homegroup.Online understands that some 12-step programs have serious opinions regarding the use of the words “donate” and “donation.” There has been dialogue within these 12-step programs for many years, promoting the use of the words “contribute” and “contribution.” Homegroup.Online agrees that the words donate, and donation, may imply an acceptance of an outside organization or an individual giving money as charity. This is contrary to 12-step organizations that are structured to be self-supporting, and not accepting outside contributions or charity from anyone.

Although Homegroup.Online agrees with the concept of using the “contribute” derivatives instead of “donate” derivatives, it does so only within a 12-step program setting. Most 12-step programs understand the necessity of interacting with outside organizations, and Homegroup.Online must use language that is synonymous with these organizations.

Pragmatically, as a financial institution, Homegroup.Online uses the language that the IRS and banking institutions use. Legally, Homegroup.Online uses the word/term “donate” and its derivatives wherever it’s necessary to do so. These include but are not limited to the Contract, the Terms and Conditions, the public facing domain and the third-party organizations such as CHASE®, PayPal®, and others.

Using both “donate” and “contribute” derivatives, Homegroup.Online does so to respectfully acknowledge the intended audience. Homegroup.Online will continue to use the legal word “donate” and its derivatives when it’s necessary to interact with outside organizations and express itself in legal terms. 12-steppers can assume that when Homegroup.Online uses the word “donate” or its derivatives, it is referring to the word “contribute,” which has a more comprehensive definition that matches the 12-step concepts and traditions. In no way is Homegroup.Online intending to disrespect or thwart the concepts and traditions our programs hold in high regard.