A National Central Office, supporting General Service Organizations, local Central Offices and Intergroups.

Provide the Groups that you serve a simple and convenient way to make 7th tradition contributions and purchase Literature and Books from your office.

  • Multiple, convenient ways to receive 7th tradition contributions, in one platform. Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, cash services and more are included. Groups already love how easy their members can contribute, now they’ll love an easy way to contribute up to the local and state organizations.
  • Automated Literature and Book purchases. Groups can order from your office and either pick them up already paid for, or they can have them shipped.
  • Quickly set up Collections for Area Assemblies or Local Roundup’s. Templates are already in place, so the accounting and the organization of information is simplified.  
  • ServiceOffice.Online can work directly with your office to create streamlined services tailored to your organization.

General Service, Central Offices, Intergroups and other program (offices) play a major role in our sobriety. Providing resources for the fellowships that support them, they are often the first stop on the road to recovery. ServiceOffice.Online wants to create partnerships with these offices in effort to be of maximum service.

Literature and Book sales may be a part of your office’s operating income. ServiceOffice.Online provides your office a platform for the Groups you serve to easily purchase items you provide. Proceeds collected thru ServiceOffice.Online will to go to your local office.

Office partnerships are considered on a case by case basis. ServiceOffice.Online can work with your office to create a partnership language that would introduce this service to groups that could benefit from it, while upholding the non-endorsed nature of the relationship. To start the conversation, please reach out using the form below.     

Office Inquiry

Office Inquiry